• Once registration form is fully complete, someone from Balboa Renaissance will contact within 7 days regarding place on workshop

  • Only registration forms with full names (first name and family name) will be accepted


  • Once offered a place on the workshop you will receive a confirmation email, including all payment information

  • Payment must be made within 7days of receipt of the confirmation email to secure your place

  • Payment is to be made via bank transfer or Paypay (you will be liable for the PayPal fee, if applied)

  • We do accept TransferWise payments


Lead/ Follow Balance

  • Balboa Renaissance will be Controlling the number of Lead/follow registrations at to ensure that there is an appropriate balance to the classes

  • Waiting list will be created,

  • Single leads or follows will be placed on a waiting list until a space opens

  • Registering in a Lead/Follow partnership will prevent you from being placed on a waiting list,

    • Your registration partner must register within 3 days for both your places to be secured

    • Both you and your partner must register for the same level.

    • Please use the Facebook event or the the group Followers & Leaders lets book together if you are looking for a registration partner

  • If you  are registering as a switch/Both role;

    • You meet the requirements of the level/track for both roles

    • Switching roles is at the teachers/organizers discretion during classes, including reasons to ensure lead/follow balance

    • We trust that you will give equal consideration to dances in both roles during socials.

Group Booking

  • Group must consist of a minimum of 5 couples to avail of the discount

  • The couples can consist of;

    •  Lead + Follow

    • Lead + Switch

    • Follow + Switch

    • Switch + Switch

  • The people paired into the couples must be registering for the same level or an Murphy's follow cannot be paired with a Guinness lead etc

  • ou must contact Info@balboarenaissance.ie before you register to obtain the the code word. Only registrations with the code word will be able to avail of the group discount

  •  One member of the group must email info@balboarenaissance.ie to receive there group booking code

  • All members of the group must register within 3days of the receipt of the registration code (I'd code is received prior to registration opening, you will have 3 days to register your group from the 10th January 2020)

  • All members of the group must pay within 7 days of receipt of registering confirmation to avail of discount 

  • If any changes to the group happens the group leader should email Info@balboarenaissance.ie to advise

Level Check

  • The Organizers and/or Teachers may request a level check prior to the classes

  • If a level check is required, this will take palace during registration on Saturday morning

  • if you do not attend the level check you will be placed in the lower level

  • if you feel your level is not correct this may be changed at the teachers discretion.

  • The Teacher hold the right to change a participants level at any point in the workshop

Cancellation Policy  and Changes to Registration

  • No refunds will be given if you are no longer able to attend,

    • However you can transfer your place to another person of the same level and role,  a small admin fee of €10 may be applied,

    • You must notify the organizers for the transfer to be valid

    • Please contact  Info@balboarenaissance.ie if you wish to transfer your place to another person

  • If one person in a registered Lead/Follow partnership cancels, the other person will lose their place until they can be paired with another partner.

    • If you nominate a new registration partner send an email to info@balboarenaissance.ie change your registration.

    • As per before your registration partner must register within 3 days for both your places to be secured


  • The organizers at Tiny Feet Balboa reserve the right to make any change to the Event including but not limited to; classes, workshops, teachers, venues & prices without giving prior notice.

  • Prior to attending Tiny feet Balboa, please check this website for the latest updates or email Info@balbaorenaissance.ie.

  • During the Tiny Feet Balboa, please check for real time updates on Facebook event page.


  •  As dancing is an athletic activity, participation is at your own risk.