Please read the Level desciptions carefully before registering

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Group Booking Discount

Groups of 5 couples or more can receive a discount of €10 per person in the group

What you need to do
 1. Create your groups (kudos for those with a cool group name)
 2. Nominate a Group Leader
 3. The Group Leader will email with the; name, level and role of each member of the group
 4. The lovely ladies from Tiny Feet will email the Team leader the Code word. 
 5. The Group leader will distribute the code
 6. Get registering including the code word in the registration form l. You have 3 days for everyone to register
 7. When all have registered, each member of the group must pay within 7 days of registration confirmation

So go team up 😘

 • Groups of must consist of  5 couples or more
 • Couples can consist of
         * Lead + Follow
         * Lead + ELEF
         * Follow + ELEF
         * ELEF + ELEF
 • The 2 people in each couple must be registering for the same level

 • You must contact before you register to obtain the the code word. Only registrations with the code word will be able to avail of the group discount

 • Only one person ( The Group leader) needs to contact
 • All members of the group must register within 3 days of the receipt of the registration code (If code is received prior to registration opening, you will have 3 days to register your group from the 10th January 2020)
 • All members of the group must pay within 7 days of receipt of registering confirmation to avail of discount.